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our planning committee

We are a group of volunteers that are of Indigenous and non-Indigenous heritage who reside in Newton, MA and surrounding areas.

Former members:

Chali'Naru Dones - Co-founder, Indigenous Community Liaison

Larry L. Fisher Jr., PhD - Member-at-Large

Council Chief Sachem - Mattakeeset Tribal Government Indigenous Cultural Advisor

Emily McMains - Treasurer

jacklyn janeksela - Public Relations and Marketing Director

Mayela "Yaoxochitl" Quesada - Graphics and Marketing

Robert "Coyokiztli" Quesada - Event Coordinator

Elisa Rodriguez - Former Stage Manager and Guest Liaison

join our committee

We’re looking for a Treasurer and Development Manager (Fundraising) to join our volunteer-run Committee!

By joining our Committee, you’ll have the opportunity to connect with hundreds of Indigenous and allied community members, participate in a decentralized decision-making organization, learn about Indigenous cultures and issues locally and across the country, build relationships with community organizers and activists, and develop valuable skills including community engagement, social justice advocacy, event planning, creative problem-solving, communication, and more!

Visit to learn more about these positions and to apply!


Deadline to apply: Monday, January 30th, 2023

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