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our planning committee

We are an Indigenous-led group of volunteers who reside in Newton, MA and surrounding areas.

join our committee


We’re looking for a Secretary, Treasurer, Volunteer Coordinator, Community Organization Liaison, & IPDN Ceremonial Celebration Event Manager to join our volunteer-run Committee!

By joining our Committee, you’ll have the opportunity to:


  • Connect with hundreds of Indigenous & allied community members

  • Be a part of a decentralized decision-making organization

  • Learn about Indigenous cultures and issues locally & globally

  • Build relationships with community organizers, activists, artists, community organizations, & more

  • Develop valuable skills including community engagement, social justice advocacy, event planning, creative problem-solving, communication, & more!

Visit to learn more about these positions and to apply!


Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis.

Former members:

Chali'Naru Dones - Co-founder

Larry L. Fisher Jr., PhD - Member-at-Large

Council Chief Sachem - Mattakeeset Tribal Government Indigenous Cultural Advisor

Emily McMains - Treasurer

jacklyn janeksela - Public Relations and Marketing Director

Mayela "Yaoxochitl" Quesada - Graphics and Marketing

Robert "Coyokiztli" Quesada - Event Coordinator

Elisa Rodriguez - Stage Manager and Guest Liaison

Krysia L. Villón Stage Manager and Guest Liaison

Kerry Prasad - Secretary

Vera Muñiz-Saurré - Community Organization Liaison

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