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3rd Annual
Indigenous Peoples Day Ceremonial Celebration


11 AM–5 PM ET

Albemarle Field, Newton MA


Each year, we celebrate & amplify Indigenous peoples & voices on Indigenous Peoples Day in Newton, MA.

All are welcome to this free, family-friendly, Indigenous-led, volunteer-run event to enjoy great music, check out cultural dances & presentations, meet local Indigenous vendors & non-profits, & eat delicious food.

This image depicts Indigenous Peoples Day Newton’s logo with 3 feathers at the top & the words “Indigenous Peoples Day” below it. In the center of this image are wampum beads in various shades of purple with the date “October 9th 2023” & location “Albemarle Field, Newton, MA” intertwined.

Speakers, Artists, Demonstrators, & Presenters

Photo of Hiawatha J Brown

Hiawatha J. Brown

Hiawatha Jon Brown is an enrolled member of the Narragansett Indian Tribe of Rhode Island. He is one of the tribe’s longest-serving Tribal Councilman who served for more than 35 years & he has also served as Chairman of the Narragansett Indian Pow Wow Committee for over 40 years. 

Image of Kasike (Chief) Kalaan Nibonrix Kaiman
Kasike (Chief) Kalaan Nibonrix Kaiman

Robert "Kalaan" Pairman is first & foremost a Behike (Taino medicine man) & was chosen & appointed Kasike (Taino Chief) & the Yamaye Guani (Jamaican Humming Bird) Taino Peoples. He now walks with the Taino name "Nibonrix Kaiman".

Image of Pumawari Tusuy
Pumawari Tusuy

Pumawari Tusuy Boston promotes the Peruvian traditions through the dances from different regions of Peru. It is composed from teens & their parents that are always excited to share their culture by performing dances in their traditional colorful customs throughout New England for the last 8 years.

Image of Robert DeGaetano 

Robert DeGaetano 

Robert DeGaetano is a professional boxer & proudly represents the Wampanoag tribe & Natives as a whole.

Image of Calpulli Coyoxochitl 
Calpulli Coyoxochitl 

Calpulli Coyoxochitl is a mexika group that continues the sacred anahuacan ceremony of Mitotiliztli. 

A photo of Sassacus
Sassacus Hiawatha Brown "Wild One"

Sassacus is a member of the Narragansett tribe & senior year at Newton South High School. As a member of the Narragansett tribe, Sassacus has the responsibility & obligation to carry on the cultural & ceremonial teaching, which has been passed down for generations.

Nippauush Boisvert

Nippauush is a young Narragansett male living a contemporary life, infused with his Indigenous culture, traditions, & beliefs. He is generous & helpful, a quick learner, & enjoys socializing. He also sings & dances traditionally & contemporarily.


Louise Bernice Halfe
– Sky Dancer

Louise Bernice Halfe – Sky Dancer was raised on Saddle Lake Reserve & attended Blue Quills Residential School. She served as Saskatchewan’s Poet Laureate for 2 years. Louise has received 3 honorary degrees & serves as Elder & consultant for the University of Saskatchewan.

Image of Julia Marden

Julia Marden

Julia Marden is a member of the Aquinnah Wampanoag Nation (the people of dawn). She is an internationally known artist who specializes in Eastern Woodland Art. She is best known for her 17th century style twined basketry.

Julia will be doing a basket making demonstration.

Eastern Suns logo featuring a drum
Eastern Suns

Eastern Suns is a Native American drum group from Mashpee, MA. The group’s members are primarily from the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe, although some Mashantucket Pequot, Aquinnah Wampanoag, & Narragansett participate.​


The drumming is not something that is taken lightly; the drum is referred to as grandpa, as this is the level of respect given, & is viewed as the heartbeat of our people.

Image of Isaiah Peters
Isaiah Peters 

Isaiah Peters will be speaking on behalf of MashpeeNEA, a group of Native youth that are trying to stop the force of colonization from killing our historical homelands.

Image of BOMBAntillana


Founded by Eli Pabon, BOMBAntillana is a diverse group of people of varying ages & lived experiences building community & connecting to themselves & to their ancestors through Bomba.


Bomba is an AfroIndigenous music & dance art form created over 400 years ago in Boriken (the island known as Puerto Rico).

A photo of Wunnup-Pash

Wunnup-Pash was born into the Narragansett Tribe during the summer harvest season. Her name means “one with painted wings.” As a member of the NIT medicine family, Wunnup-Pash has the responsibility & obligation to follow the path of her ancestors.

Kasike Jorge Baracutei Estevez

Kasike Jorge Baracutei Estevez is a Taíno activist & avid researcher on Caribbean Indigeneity. He worked at the Smithsonian National Museum of the American Indian for 25 years as an Education/Workshops Program Specialist. He is the founder of Higuayagua: Taíno of the Caribbean & creator of the Hiwatahia-Hekexi Taíno language.

He will be exhibiting Taíno artifacts.

DJ Eddie Cruz Logo
DJ Eddie Cruz

DJ Cruz offers music & sound for parties, events, & more!

Image of Pauochau Brown-Paul & Nicholas Paul

Pauochau Brown-Paul & Nicholas Paul

Pauochau Brown-Paul (Narragansett/Pequot), Nicholas Paul (Passamaquoddy/Maliseet), & their family participate in ceremonial & cultural teachings.


They teach local tribes different cultural arts including beading, dancing, drumming, regalia making & more. They work with the community to ensure the cultural teachings are passed on for our future generations. 

Image of Nancy Brown-Garcia

Nancy Brown-Garcia

Nancy "Daughter of the Redtail Hawk" is a Shawomett/Cowessett Narragansett Indian. She is the chief deputy historical preservation officer of her tribe & has worked in school systems with all ages for over 45 years. She has exhibited her wampum & beadwork—the smallest beadwork in the world—in France.

Image of Alvin "Acóma"

Acóma Art

Alvin "Acóma" is a Boston-based artist with over 20 years of experience working as a graffiti artist, muralist, & painter. 

Alvin will be airbrushing t-shirts at the event.

A photo of Annokquus
Annokquus Yoteeg Brown 

Annokquus is Narragansett & Shinnecock. Her name translates to “Star Fire” & she was named after her great grandmother Dr. Ella Thomas Sekatau, who was the medicine woman, ethnohistorian, & linguist of the Narragansett tribe. 

Photo of Seldorn Geziben
Seldron Geziben

Dekyi Seldron Geziben is the Deputy Director of the Enterprise Information Office at the Massachusetts Department of Environment Protection. Seldron is originally from Lhasa, Tibet, & her name means “JoyfulHappy Bright Light” in Tibetan. 



Chiqui's Kitchen Logo

Chiqui's Kitchen

Chiqui's Kitchen offers handmade, love made, small batch Peruvian-style empanadas, drinks & desserts using Indigenous Andean ingredients, & more. Based out of Newton, MA.

Chiqui's Kitchen will be selling empanadas, llapingachos, chicha morada, arroz con leche, & mazamorra morada.


SUG SUG is the only Virgin Islands bakery in the Boston metro area using tropical ingredients such as coconut, guava & pineapple. 

SUG SUG will be selling Virgin islands tarts (guava, coconut, pineapple), sugar cookies, coconut sugar cookies, & rainbow cake (pound cake).


El Colombiano Coffee Logo
El Colombiano Coffee

El Colombiano Coffee is grown sustainably & roasted locally. They bring high-quality green coffee beans. from the mountains of Colombia. The beans they select are sustainably produced from the supply to retail & in between. 

Mr Tamole LLC Logo
Mr. Tamole

Mr. Tamole is a mother & son team from Puebla, Mexico sharing their food. All family recipes passed down through generations.

Mr. Tamole will be selling chicken, pork, vegetarian, vegan tamales, mole paste, salsas, & Mexican street corn.

Clarke's Cakes & Cookies logo

Cakes & Cookies

Clarke's Cakes & Cookies offers guilt-free, vegan treats that are delightfully delicious! As a woman-owned, family-supported business, their mission is to provide ethical plant-based products that do not compromise flavor. 

Clarke's Cakes & Cookies will be selling a large variety of vegan cakes, cookies, & brownies.

Sly Fox Den logo

Sly Fox Den

Sly Fox Den is a restaurant & cultural center that educates the public on Indigenous food ways, culture, & history. They practice traditional techniques in farming, hunting, fishing, & cooking that make this food possible.

Sly Fox Den will be selling Indian tacos, salmon hash, succotash, corn cakes, & more.


Two Souls  Logo
Two Souls

Two Souls sells genuine & sustainable handcrafted jewelry & specially made by an Indigenous artisan from Guatemala.

Sueños Heirloom Chocolate logo

Sueños Heirloom Chocolate

Sueños Heirloom Chocolates is a direct importer of organic, shade-grown cacao from Asociación Nueva Esperanza (ASOANE) in Puerto Quito, Ecuador.


ASOANE is a cooperative of small independent farms committed to growing heirloom ‘Nacional’ cacao varieties with agro-ecological methods that are regenerative for environmental & human health.

Taino Reworked logo
Taino Reworked

Taino Reworked features ready made clothing & home items that have been embellished with Taino symbols. It's a fun way of showing Taino Culture in everyday. 

Prophecy Chocolate Logo

Prophecy Chocolate

Prophecy Chocolate has a big dream: to help fulfill the ancient Eagle-Condor Prophecy. The products they craft are meticulously designed & created to bring joy, happiness, & create balance. 

Sankofa Anacaona Botanicals logo

Sankofa Anacaona Botanicals

Sankofa Anacaona Botanicals is a woman-of-color-owned traveling apothecary specializing in plant-based holistic wellness products handcrafted in small batches with locally-sourced botanical ingredients.


Their work is informed by Afro-Indigenous Caribbean ancestral knowledge, & guided by the wisdom, medicine & magic of plants.

Ockway Bay Wampum Logo
Ockway Bay Wampum

Ockway Bay Wampum specializes in contemporary wampum jewelry handcrafted & designed by Native artist Hartman Deetz of the Mashpee Wampanoag Tribe. His wampum is made using traditional & locally sourced materials.

A photo of an item from Teosinte Crafts
Teosinte Crafts

Teosinte Crafts sells items from women's cooperatives in El Salvador & Guatemala.

Earthworks Creative Indigenous Arts & Crafts Logo
Earthworks Creative Indigenous Arts & Crafts 

Earthworks Creative Indigenous Arts & Crafts creates handmade crafts made from wood & leather in the Indigenous tradition. They make backpacks, women’s bags, wall clocks, wooden spoons, jewelry, trinket boxes, & more.

Cusco Creations Logo

Cusco Creations

Cusco Creations is a non-profit that sells hand-made quilled cards that are made by an Indigenous women's cooperative in Cusco, Peru. All proceeds from sales are returned directly to the artists. 

BienSTAR logo

BienSTAR promotes lifestyle transformation, healing, & empowerment of chronically excluded peoples through coaching. They will be selling seed necklaces, earrings, & shirts as well as providing health & wellness coaching information.

Bayan Rocks Logo
Bayan Rocks

Afro-Taina born & raised in Boston, MA with roots in the Land of Quisqueya (Dominican Republic), Bayan creates unique handmade wire wrapped & weaved jewelry to adorn your body & spirit. The focus is to enhance the natural beauty of the stones & create pieces that will be aide you in your healing journey, or simply a beautiful unique piece to add to your collection.

Nips & Paws logo
Nips & Paws

Nips & Paws is a company for dogs & their owners. They sell dog bandanas & bow ties for pups. They also offer funny tees/sweaters for dog owners.

Ankhara by Luciana Home Decor & Designs logo
Ankhara by Luciana Home Decor & Designs 

Ankhara by Luciana offers handmade, luxury home décor, accessories, & loungewear. Luciana's home décor merchandise is made from interior textiles and materials. All her merchandise is unique, eclectic, & ever-changing.​

A photo of Aukeeteamitch  Brown, owner of Spring Flower Creations
Spring Flower Creations

Spring Flower Creations, owned by Narragansett & Pequot artist Aukeeteamitch  Brown, sells traditional handmade jewelry, beaded earrings, bracelets, hair pieces, braid bands, pouches & ribbon skirts, & more.

Blue Fish Creations Logo

Blue Fish Creations

Blue Fish Creations is a small business owned by a young entrepreneur, high school student, & baker. She sells baked goods such as cupcakes, brownies & cookies. All of her recipes are made from scratch & with love.

Caribe Creations logo
Caribe Creations

Caribe Creations specializes in handmade one of a kind Caribbean creations.

Nitahana logo


Owned by local BIPOC artist Andromeda Lisle, Nitahana is an eclectic mix of art, home goods, apparel, & other gifts with roots in nature & Indigenous lore.

Evening Starr Customs

Evening Starr Customs is a Narragansett-owned business that creates custom/personalized items. They will be selling tote bags, tumblers, coasters, onesies, bibs, shirts, puzzles, earrings, yard flags, wind spinners, & more. 

Image of Julia Marden

Julia Marden

Julia Garden is a member of the Aquinnah Wampanoag Nation (the people of dawn). She is an internationally known artist who specializes in Eastern Woodland Art. She is best known for her 17th century style twined basketry.

Geraldine Barney logo

Geraldine Barney 

Geraldine Barney is a Diné visual artist & singer/songwriter. Her artwork explores the relationship between the traditional Navajo values & beliefs she grew up with on the Navajo Reservation in Northwest New Mexico with contemporary city life off the reservation.

Elizabeth James-Perry logo

Elizabeth James-Perry

Award-winning Native artist Elizabeth James-Perry creates rich purple wampum jewelry, textiles, & maritime arts directly tied to her Aquinnah Wampanoag tribal heritage. She will be selling woven miniature baskets & naturally dyed traditional Native jewelry. 


Karaya Wellness Clinic Logo
Karaya Wellness Clinic

Indigenous Woman & Veteran owned Chiropractic Wellness office, providing Chiropractic services to patients of all ages & walks of life.

Genie Santiago logo
Genie Santiago

Genie Santiago (she/they) is a multiracial, Indigenous, fat, queer, neurodivergent, Musician, Writer, & Certified Holistic Life Coach. They will be sharing about their work & offering the opportunity to schedule a free life coaching session.  

Bliss Spa by Marisol Logo
Bliss Spa

Bliss Spa is a high quality Day Spa specializing in meeting the needs of their customers. Their services include massages, facials, hair removal, scalp treatment, & more.

Colectiva Wellness & Healing logo
Colectiva Wellness & Healing

Colectiva Wellness & Healing collaborates with organizations, communities + individuals in learning together & co-creating culture of care, healing & wellness spaces that elevate collective wellbeing. As a disabled, queer, Afro-Taino owned business, Colectiva is committed to providing affordable & accessible healing offerings for QTBIPOC community members.

Nuche Photography Logo

Nuche Photography

Freelance, professional photo services including session photography (for individuals, group, or families) as well as special events.

Boston Vibration logo
Boston Vibration

Boston Vibration is a complete place for Sound Yoga. They offer Sound Bath Sessions, Kundalini Yoga & Energy Healing. They also sell Authentic Himalayan Singing Bowls designed in Boston & made in Nepal.


Authentic Caribbean Foundation Inc. logo
Authentic Caribbean Foundation Inc.

Authentic Caribbean Foundation is dedicated to providing education & training, health, community tourism, & support services to Impacting the lives of the youth & persons with disability within the Diaspora & the community.

Newton Conservators logo
Newton Conservators

The Newton Conservators, Newton’s public land trust, is a non-profit citizen’s group which advocates for Newton’s open spaces. 


EPECARE's mission is to empower those living & working in resource limited communities to save lives. They do so by providing training & education in disaster preparedness, pre-hospital care, & basic first aid. 

Victory Programs

Victory Programs operates various programs throughout Boston, all built on their strongly held belief that no person who is struggling should be asked to do the hardest thing first, on their own, before they are offered the fundamental support they truly need. 

Nolumbeka Project logo
Nolumbeka Project

The Nolumbeka Project is a non-tribal organization whose goal is to honor Northeastern Tribal Heritage. They host Indigenous presenters telling their own stories in their own words at annual gatherings & educational & cultural programs for the public & in schools.

New Art Center

New Art Center is a community art education space which offers everyone, at all levels of ability, exceptional opportunities to make, exhibit, view, think about & talk about art.

Massachusetts Peace Action logo
Massachusetts Peace Action

Massachusetts Peace Action is a nonpartisan, nonprofit organization working to develop the sustained political power to foster a more just & peaceful U.S. foreign policy.

World of Wellesley logo
World of Wellesley

The World of Wellesley engages in educational programing, prioritizing diversity, equity, inclusion, belonging & justice; & anti-racism. 

Committee for Indigenous Peoples Day Wellesley logo
Committee for Indigenous Peoples Day Wellesley

The Committee for Indigenous Peoples Day Wellesley's mission is to center & support Indigenous communities & initiatives through collaboration, education, policy advocacy, & resource redistribution.

League of Women Voters Newton, MA logo
League of Women Voters
Newton, MA

The League is a nonpartisan, grassroots organization that encourages the informed & active participation of citizens in government, works to increase understanding of major policy issues, & influences public policy through education & advocacy. The goal of the League is to empower citizens to shape better communities worldwide.

Center for Indigenous Peoples Rights logo
Center for Indigenous Peoples Rights

The Center for Indigenous Peoples Rights provides legal aid & policy development for Indigenous peoples & tribal nations.

Green Newton logo

Green Newton

Green Newton is an environmental non-profit organization working to create an environment in better balance with the natural world by making significant, measurable improvements in the way we use resources. 


IMPACT Boston works to prevent violence & abuse by giving people the skills to protect their safety & advocate for healthy relationships & sexual respect in their communities & society.

Home Base logo
Home Base

Home Base provides world-class, direct clinical care, wellness, education & research to Service Members, Military Families, & Families of the Fallen–all at no cost to them–regardless of era of service, discharge status, or geographical location.

Italian Americans for Indigenous Peoples Day logo
Italian Americans for Indigenous Peoples Day

Italian Americans for Indigenous Peoples Day was formed in solidarity with thousands of Native peoples from many tribal nations who live in Massachusetts who are working to rename Columbus Day to Indigenous Peoples Day.

Newton CAN-DO logo
Newton CAN-DO

Newton CAN-DO is a non-profit developer of, & advocate for, affordable housing that serves low to moderate income individuals & families. They take a holistic approach to helping residents build skills & develop self-sufficiency.

Newton Community Education logo
Newton Community Education

Newton Community Education‘s mission is to build a strong, inclusive community through learning, enrichment, & connection.

Youth Enrichment Services (YES) logo
Youth Enrichment Services (YES)

YES’s mission is to inspire youth through outdoor experiences & leadership opportunities that build confidence & prepare them to summit life’s challenges. 

Citizens' Climate Lobby Logo
Citizens' Climate Lobby

Citizens' Climate Lobby empowers everyday people to work together on climate policy. Their supporters are organized in more than 400 chapters across the United States building support in Congress for a national bipartisan solution to climate change.

No Evil Project logo
No Evil Project

No Evil Project uses art & humour to challenge stereotypes & help people find commonality despite their differences. 

HSNHC Veterans Outreach Center logo
HSNHC Veterans Outreach Center

HSNHC supports & advocates for veterans & military attached persons within the footprint of HSNHC & throughout the greater Boston area by connecting them with resources & services.

Native Land Conservancy Logo.jpg
Native Land Conservancy

The Native Land Conservancy, Inc. (NLC) is the first Native American run land conservation group east of the Mississippi. They focus on perpetuating & preserving indigenous cultural lifeways through land rescue.

Boston Medical Reserve Corps logo
Community Land & Water Coalition logo
Community Land & Water Coalition

Community Land & Water Coalition is a statewide network of groups & individuals taking action to protect our land & water to ensure a livable future for all life on Earth. 

Mashpee NEA logo
Mashpee NEA

Mashpee Native Environmental Ambassadors (MashpeeNEA) is a group of Native youth who are trying to stop the force of colonization from killing our historical homelands.

Boston Athletic Association logo
Boston Athletic Association

Boston Athletic Association is a non-profit that promotes a healthy lifestyle through sports, especially running.

HSDM Wampanoag Outreach Program logo
HSDM Wampanoag Outreach Program

Harvard School of Dental Medicine (HSDM) Wampanoag Outreach Program‘s mission is to expand dental care access & share knowledge about oral health.

Boston Medical Reserve Corps

The Boston Medical Reserve​ Corps (Boston MRC) is a community-based volunteer program. Boston MRC prepares for & responds to emergencies to support the City of Boston's public health infrastructure. 


NCF Logo

New Commonwealth Fund

Newton Community Pride logo

Newton Community Pride

Newton-Wellesley Hospital logo

Newton-Wellesley Hospital

Karaya Wellness Clinic Logo

Karaya Wellness Clinic

World of Wellesley logo

World of Wellesley

GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD) logo

GLBTQ Legal Advocates & Defenders (GLAD)

Boston Community Emergency Response Team logo

Boston Community Emergency Response Team

The Village Bank logo

The Village Bank


Newton Cultural Council

New Art Center logo

New Art Center

The NOPI logo


Boston Medical Reserve Corps logo

Medical Reserve Corps

Committee for Indigenous Peoples Day Wellesley logo

Committee for Indigenous Peoples Day Wellesley

Mount Holyoke College logo

Mount Holyoke College

Harmony Foundation logo

Harmony Foundation

Eastern Bank logo

Eastern Bank


Rose & Berg Consulting

Boston Athletic Association logo

Boston Athletic Association

Green Newton logo

Green Newton

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

Massachusetts Water Resources Authority

2023 Photos

Photos below are by Nuche Photography.

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