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We host events throughout the year in addition to our annual Ceremonial Celebrations.

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Honoring Our Ancestors: A Ho-Chunk Dinner by Chef Elena Terry

Saturday, May 6, 2023

6:30 PM - 9:00 PM EDT


A five-course dinner by notable Ho-Chunk chef, Elena Terry, to support Newton's 2023 Indigenous Peoples Day Ceremonial Celebration.

It is told to us that our seeds have their own stories, their own travels, adventures and places they call home. All of our foods have a story, just as we do. These stories are filled with nourishment, as the seeds and foods have kept us connected to our ancestors for generations. In times when we needed great strength, our food carried us through and nourished us as only it could. When we bring Our Ancestors to the table, we are sharing their stories of strength, determination, dedication, beauty, and love through every bite. We are sharing their story through sensical memories in hopes that they will forever be honored. Every relationship we strengthen, every seed we reclaim, every medicinal plant we protect and every animal we honor will help ensure that in this moment, WE are being good ancestors. At this moment, we are shifting to positive forward motion and building a beautiful community around the table.


Chef Elena is a member of the Ho-Chunk Nation of Wisconsin. She is the executive chef and founder of Wild Bearies, an educational, community outreach nonprofit that strives to bring ancestral foods to communities in a nurturing and nourishing way. The Bearies work with ingredients from seed to table, while promoting traditional food systems and farming techniques. Chef Elena seeks to honor stories, share knowledge, cook with community and clear the way as much as possible for the next generation. She is looking forward to sharing her knowledge with you.

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